About VDH Bestuurszaken

The approach and method of VDH Government Affairs is bright, targeted, transparent and business. The atmosphere in the officers is open, friendly and robust. Naturally, the client is key. As it should be. But the people at VDH like to make a  contribution. They employ their experience and expertise in their work. Always in consultation and always with a reason. To ensure it makes the client happy.

The agency works with clients on the basis of clear agreements, realistic schedules, tight calendars and comprehensible reports. Knowing what is happening, as well as being familiar with the structure and organisation of the client, are obvious requirements for the agency.

VDH Bestuurszaken facilitates a number of associations, foundations and funds. This enables the boards to focus on the tasks for which they have been appointed, with the knowledge that all tasks and obligations are in safe hands.


No one more than $11,002,500? Going once, going twice, sold! This is how one watch changed hands at an auction at Sotheby's in 1999. Not a normal watch, but a 'supercomplication'. A pocket watch with two dials, almost 900 parts and up to 24 features. The proud creator worked on it for nearly 4 years.

This type of auction illustrates the massive appeal of mechanical watches. Admiration for an age-old craft which reached a high level of perfection thanks to the continuous search for improvements. This inspires creators to build watches that provide a glimpse of their inner workings. Behind the glamour and glitter, there is a magical world of very delicate and steel precision. A detailed system of cogs, stones and springs which works as a well-oiled machine to provide the wearer with the right time.

VDH Bestuurszaken likes to be compared with the inner system of these complex mechanical watches. The unseen well-oiled machine.

Meticulous. Discrete. Every day.