VDH Bestuurszaken works for foundations, associations and (capital) funds. Per project or on a permanent basis. Always on the basis of clear assignments, concrete job descriptions and customised reports.

Project-based issues we solve are:

  • director self-assessment (based on our intrument Evalite)
  • team training sessions (among others based on Management Drives)
  • strategy development
  • fulfilling sounding board role
  • interim management
  • conflict mediation

Our clients do not always want publicity, which is why we refrain from publishing a client list. References are available on request.


The focus of the foundation is the purpose for which it is established. Directors, advisory boards and supervisory boards are often volunteers. VDH Bestuurszaken is able to professional fulfil responsibilities of foundations. VDH is able to take care of the secretary offices, the entire organisation in relation to board meetings, organising small and large-scale events, the financial administration, the communication and even the executive management.


A board, members, and a series of activities. This is what makes up an association. The description is very simple, but it can be very complex in reality. The basis is the bond with the members of the association and the performance of activities for, with and by the members. Boards are often volunteers. A lot of associations do not have any permanent employees. VDH Bestuurszaken facilities associations and takes care of all responsibilities. Financial and members administration. Collection of membership fees. Organising activities and events. All aspects of the communication. In order to optimise the bond between the association, its members and the outside world. To enable the association to flourish and grow.

(Capital) funds

Often operating in relative anonymity, but they are organisations with higher demands in the field of executive and administrative matters. A world familiar to VDH Bestuurszaken. Both in running the administration department and managing the fund.